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10 Sep 07 - 2 mics, wrong 'cobalt'and I were the ingredients

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Recording the vocal for my new single 'CobaltBlueLight' was a unique experience. Chris (engineer) used 2 mics - one with valve to get warm sound, and another kind to get clean sound. I was slightly nervous as I never sang with 2 mics before, but then I had a pop shield so I couldn't see them (as you can see above!). Then I sang with all I had - like this was my only and last chance. I repeated that 3 times, then we picked the best bits amongst the 3 tracks.

I didn't say 'cobalt' quite correctly and thought about re-recording the bits, but in the end we decided to keep it as it is. It just sounded good and right in terms of emotions and feelings, plus, it adds 'personality' - you know, only someone like me can do that :). Well, if Chris was singing the tune on his way home, our decision couldn't have been too wrong?

With this song I wanted to do something new - I wanted to create a unique, atmospheric sound with doing minimum things and without using lots of effects. There were more guitars when I first wrote it but I removed them one by one over the months. In the end I decided to do complete different things from what I'd done in past. Overall there is lots of bass in the sound but despite that it sounds so ethereal. Very contradictory, and that is exactly what I wanted!