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6 Jan 08 - Video & pic blog - recording the double A side

Introduction!!! (4 sec)

On 6 Jan I went to a studio in South London to record 2 tracks, ‘EverydayEand ‘Sunny CurveE for my planned double A-side.

It was a crisp, cold Sunday morning and the session started at 11am. My engineer was Martin who has worked for Enemy, Gossip and David Sylvian.

After recording bass, guitars and vocals for 2 songs in about 2 and a half hours I was ready to die. Luckily there was a sofa I could dive in!

And a few disks too.

While I was dead on sofa Martin did some mixing work and I joined him to complete it.

By the way this was my EQ reference Erecognise the classic?

Dan preparing the master tape for final mixes.

While Martin did lots of track re-recording for recall I got bored - so I decided to distract him and Dan with my mobile video.

Distracting Martin (15 sec)

Distracting Dan 1 (15 sec)

Distracting Dan 2 (15 sec)

There are a few clips with myself in too but I was having a bad hair day so... :)

I think the recordings sound very tight and powerful, like full of life. I think we captured the spirit of live recording! ‘Sunny CurveEis about missing a friend and to me the ending sounded so powerful with guitars entwining each other and stuff it almost made me cry! The poppy ‘Everyday', I think, sounds ever so sharp with emotive vocals. It was hard work, very tiring of course, but a great experience and thoroughly enjoyable - I was happy.