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9 Dec 07 - Recording soon

I'm going to record a couple of new songs in the beginning of January. As usual I booked one of London's top recording studios at a down time. Apparently big record companies don't book studios around Xmas and new year - it's holiday time anyway - so the rate has been reduced to less than third of its normal price.

It's not a secured booking though. Because it's just for one day, if someone makes a block booking for that period then my booking will go :) and I'll wait for another opportunity :)

So my priority now is shake off this throat pain - it started with a stinging sore throat that has calmed down, but I still have a little pain there.

May be I shouldn't sing 24 songs at one practice session - I just can't help cramming it all in in one session. I can't practice any time I like, because of the noise. I don't know about others, you can practice a lot acoustically (and I do too) - but doing this sort of music I need to be in the right mood to perform good. So it's best for me if everything's on, including my mic and my favourite 'retro' speaker I found at a car boot sale (it's huge) on top of my guitar amp. So whenever I have the opportunity to practice this way, I tend to grab it and may be overdo it really.

These 2 songs will probably be a double A side single but may come with 1 or 2 extra tracks. Happy Christmas!