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(June 1998 Issue)

Well it's about time I wrote at least a semi-proper intro and who better to start with than my favourite artist Mayumi; well to get to the point Mayumi is an alternative dreampop maker based in London and is totally groovy! Her new single "Crystallize" has just been released....

- What was the first band you were in?
It was called "Brake" and I played with my friends when I was at school. Nothing serious, we played at school festivals and a local town hall.

- Do you see yourself as another Bjork type artist, who will clean up his/her act and sound to become famous?
No way! There wouldn't be much point for me in doing all this .....
I mean, why don't I go to an acting school and learn to sing and dance?

- What do you think about living in London and its music 'scene'?
I quite like living in London, although I haven't lived anywhere else in the UK. I'm always dubious about this 'scene' thing...It's a nice feeling when something exciting is happening and you are there, but I think 'scence' is almost always invented by people who don't play music. For the last few years I've only recognised it in the form of a certain haircut, shoes and journalism. Good bands will survive the 'scene'.

- What are your favorrite stimulants?
Stimulants? What a question....Since I stopped smoking some time ago I guess I've found a way to enjoy life without stimulants...I do like chocolate though.

- Horrid question time - do you have any influences?
I like My Bloody Valentine, Dinasour Jr, early Ecstacy of St Theresa....I like heavy, hard guitars. Oh, I also listened to a lot of Japanese mainstream pop when I was little.

- You are classically trained?
I played classical piano for 9 years. From 6 to 15, then I stopped and then started getting interested in rock music my sister was playing in the next room.

- What TV programmes do you like?
'Bewitched'. I hope they'll air it again. Apart from that I don't watch TV very much. It might sound obvious but I spend lots of time listening to music...or reading.

- Any good cures for insomnia?
The best way is to be an extraordinary deep sleeper at the same time. That's what I am.

- What are you currently doing?
I'm looking for a recording studio to book for next month. Do you know any good one?

- Did "Platinum" sell many copies?
We didn't have many copies pressed in the first place, but it did a lot better than expected. It got round a bit....some countries in Europe and USA...I was really happy. I'd been trying in a few bands which went nowhere for the last few years, so it meant a lot to me even if it wasn't a commercial success. It was so nice to see my copies sold in the shops! Everything, even the down side was exciting simply because it was for the first time. The first air play, the first review, the first interview and the first return of unsold copies from the distributor.... It gave me an incentive to carry on. And I would like to shake hands with everyone who bougth a copy - whether they liked it or not!

And on that optimistic note the interview ends.....Many thanks to Mayumi for talking to me.