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CobaltBluetLight reviews

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Storm FM/University of Wales

Very interesting & dreamlike. Atmospheric like a movie soundtrack.


Like looking through hazy glass windows into other worlds, Mayumi’s new single ‘CobaltBlueLight’ is a dream that will make you feel like you’ve woken up in the Milky Way. And why don’t you just spend the whole day there - . The rich, textured guitar sounds that’s rendered eerie, the delicate, wistful voice that liquidifies, and the sharp drums and strong bass lines that rocks -. It’s a journey you’ve been taken into unknowingly - and you wish it will never end.

The second track ‘Only A Dream’ is more urgent, arresting and glitters. ‘What do you want to do right now? It’s only a dream again…’ The emotive vocals make a tuneful racket with the guitar - listen to the swirling, glittering guitar solo – while the bass throbs throughout. ‘Sunshine Inside’ is an echoey instrumental with some complicated drum patterns, Joy Division bass and haunting guitar riffs.

The real surprise is the last track ‘Sebastian’ that sounds more like a classic guitar pop from the 60’s with chiming guitar riffs and poppy melodies, except the heavy rhythm guitars that creates a grungey wall of sound. All these songs are very different but carry the same ethereal beauty and a unique depth and were, amazingly, done solely by this delicate, dainty looking girl. A fantastic CD.


Born in Japan, but based in London Mayumi creates her very own musical universe, which is hard to define neither to compare with any other band. That’s maybe a reason why she has been compared to Björk… probably for composing a very own sound without real compromises and less reference points. I would describe the sound of Mayumi as a kind of wave-ballads. It’s quite slow and space-like while the vocals perfectly fit to this lazy style. This maxi contains 4 songs, which can’t convince me at all!

(Mayumi's note - my songs are actually fast - for example 'CobaltBlueLight' is 142bpm, that's as fast as 'Golden Skans' by Klaxons)

Like a shoegazing Deerhoof, Mayumi deals in the weirdly sublime.....