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It's my fave track. Just magical to me. This is the song that I did whatever I wanted to do without worrying about anythihg...
But it turned out to be such a monster to mix. My sound engineer just cracked halfway through the mixing session. The engineer No.2 wanted to go home after half an hour, so the relay fade-out at the end of the song was done by my own trembling hands! It charted in a few radio stations in France. One of the DJs said it was New Wave. What is New Wave?

Glinding in the Wind

It's also one of my most faves, it's the song that takes me somewhere for the moment. I set the guitar-echo just off time - I found out that in this way it creates more space and atmosphere than when the echoes are right in time.
Of course It turned out to be a nightmare to play in time, because that meant I was constantly hearing this slightly off-time echoing sound against the correct timing of the drums...Well, I'm used to it now!


The only song without the noisy guitar bit(until the very end), and that I only play notes throughout the song with my guitar. It also has a highest vocal key.

Song for Alexander Abt

This is an old song. I tried to add drums but turned out to be best without it.