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Crystallize review

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Beautiful, luxurious dreampop given an added dimension by Mayumi Ashizawa's delicately Japanese-accented vocals.
Of the four cuts offered, the title track is the most immediately arresting -- it's driven by a post-goth guitar line and simple drum track, and sounds like the sort of song Lush could almost pull off when everyone concentrated really hard.
"Our Summer" is far less urgent, but equally delicious, while "Your Words Yesterday" offers a feedback-squall chorus and "Promise" undulates lazily in the sun. Yummy.

Robots and Electronic Brains

Think of Ride at their dreamiest, poppiest moment, add a Japanese girl on vocals and extend for three minutes. As if that isn't exquisite enough, "Our Summer" pulls the same stunt, only better, and lasts for five.


This woman is a star. Her voice out Sarah Cracknell's, but carries a hidden, darker depth. Watch for Mayumi in the skies, she will be landing soon.

Blind Youth

Singer/songwriter Mayumi Ashizawa has apparently recorded all this herself. That's pretty damn impressive. I'm not sure how to describe it. I mean, some of the music sounds a bit like early-mid '80s Goth! Don't listen to me! Dreamy vocals and a lot of charm will get this single noticed more than anything. Very original and very talented. A future star in the making, perhaps?

Xtreme 936/Swansea University

"How Soon Is Now" echoing into haunting bass and a succint drum pattern, this track is emotive and mature. I look forward to hearing future materials from this brave and talented solo artist.

Fusion FM

Remember Levitation? They were good, and so is this. It's nice when your youthful heroes become retro and fasionable again.

URN/Universtiy of Nottingham

Love the sound of this - like Stereolab after a fight with Joy Division.

Lush/Leicester University

Great intro. Good melody & guitar arrangement but perhpas a bit too disjointed and "too" raw (but raw is good).

Indie World

Generally unexciting, solo type material - I suppose I'm meant to be concentrating on the vocals. Nope, not much in it at all. You know the stuff, simple female vocals over unsubstantial backing music.