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Endless Reviews

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Lancaster University

Mayumi's lush voice sounds easily beautiful as it winds around Cure-like guitars and melodies. Very melancholic. We like it.

The Original Sin (Belgium)

Some months ago I was intruged by an advert I saw in Melody Maker. According to it Mayumi was making music in the style of Lush (wooow!), Cocteau Twins (wooow!)and My Bloody Valentine(wooow!). Oh, how I looked for it....even in record shops in London but without any luck. I really got scared that there could be someone who was making music I'd give a part of my life for, but unfortunately was unlucky to never hearing it!. But a fanzine saved my life (usually it is DJs who are doing this!), I got a contact address and I immediately wrote...

Gone were the days of despair as Mayumi sent me two brilliant CD singles. And was it worth waiting for? Jeeessuuusss....This is the music I wanna hear the last seconds that I'm living...This is the kind of music that is responsible for driving me into a musicmaniac....This is what I demand from music. Every song is a dream on its own. Mayumi does all the instruments herself and that already is a fascinating thing.....How does it sound like? Well, ever imagined how My Bloody Valentine would have sounded as if Sarah Cracknell was the singer? No? Me neither....But it happend here! I'm sure I have found a new musical friend, this is music that'll mean a lot for me. Thank you Mayumi.....You are great!

Sure/Sheffield University

Opening riff - it's Duran Duran isn't it? Okay all four songs sound like the Jesus and Mary Chain on poppers. The guitar sound is fantastic but dated and very unoriginal. The voice? Very nice actually and reminds me of the woman who sang 'Fire walk with me' - the theme to 'Twin Peaks'. With better material behind her, her distinctive voice may be able to take her to success.

Sub City Radio

She has a very haunting, and quite pleasing voice -the tune isn't bad, although I think more could have been made of her voice, as the guitars tend to drown it out. Overall, a good enough effort.


This second EP from Mayumi is not much different from her first -- which isn't a bad thing, especially if you're the type who enjoys pulsating, echoing basslines, glittering guitars and a breathy, reverb-enhanced voice like Mayumi Ashizawa's. The result is delicious in a 4AD sort of way -- especially on "Teach Me How to Breathe", which is enhanced with a swirling wah-wah guitar effect. I hope she gets around to recording a full album of new material soon.

Blind Youth

Much the same as her last single. Experimental dreamy pop which deserves a place in your collection.


Mayumi certainly was once the Chairman of the Japanese fanclub of My Bloody Valentine, if it had ever existed. Her 4 tracks cannot be easily dismissed, which consist mainly of echoing guitar riffs and singular drum patterns. Additionally, there is an ethereal voice that sometimes disappear in the mix. This maxi-single should not be overlooked by those who are longing for the old 4AD times when Cocteau Twins created songs about Lorelei and not even a soul had heard anything about a band called Thievery Corporation. Unintrusive and nice.
*Translated by Ulrich Wippermann


Um, quite bizzar. Her pale wailing is tantalizing dischorded with her mentalist guitar ability. Whilst not a bollock grabber, it does have a haunting charm.

W963/Warwick University

Reminds me a little of Dead Can Dance. I thinkt it's a long way from the kind of music I'd buy, but the icy vibe of this single is hypnotising.

University of East Anglia

Ace-. A unique sound that stands out from the crowd.

Middlesborough University

Fantastic! Really free-sounding and easy in a strange sort of way. Great music!

C4 Radio

Flowing quality.

Guildford Campus Radio

Great song!

Bradford University

Cool! ice and twice as nice