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We have live, Mayumi from London, the brightest hope of the year whose new single I've been playing for weeks now. Thanks for taking the time. First thing I wanted to ask was about your current single "Crystallize". I think it's absolutely brilliant!
That's great, thanks. I wanted to do something slightly different. I'd been writing slow songs for a while so I wanted to do a song that was really fast. That's the fastest song I've written so far.

What's the song about?
It's about a disillusionment. It's about slowly realising that may be what you thought you knew about someone was not quite the real thing....But it's not about being heavily disappointed or criticising. It's more about deciding to move on to another chapter in your life. It's really a song for departure if you know what I mean....
Let me add that I'm going to have some sort of lyric sheet or something like that for my next release, because a lot of people have asked what I actually say in the songs, and I'd rather if they know it. But I have no plan to change my singing style....I will be trying to drop as many consonants as possible (laugh).

What sparked your interest in doing all of writing and playing by yourself?
It was an accident. I was sort of between bands and was frustrated so I just went to the studio and recorded some songs on my own. Everyone who listened to it said that I should carry on like this and that I should send the tape to relevant people. So, I sort of carried on from there. It was pretty hard in the beginning as I wasn't used to do the rhythm section. But in this way I understand the songs better. Now I realise drums and bass can give a life to a song in a way neither guitars or vocals can do.

How much of your personality is transmitted through your music?
100%. It's all there. Sometimes I feel I don't even need to say anything. I'm embarrassed(laughs).

You are from Japan. When did you come to England?
I came here as an exchange student... Well, that was the official reason but of course I had an ambition to form a band....which I did.

What do you think of the current indie scene?
I think it's good that there isn't really a scene at the moment. No one is trying to be in uniform. It's versatile, I like it.

Some last quick questions. Do you find yourself a hungry artist? - and do you think you can ever achieve a state of satisfaction?
It doesn't seem to make so much difference to me....I've been extremely happy and sad and so on, but I always wanted to write and play in public. As far as I'm concerned I guess it's more to do with drive....
I always get extremely satisfied whenever I write a good song. Then soon after that it all starts again and I want to write something better or different....

Finally, what could we expect from your forthcoming album?
Hopefully some new attempts and some progression...I'm not sure if it's going to be an album or another single yet. It's all down to finance at the moment. Being on a small independent label means that it's often more effective and realistic to release a succession of singles....and I'd rather have a new release every year at the moment than coming up with a master piece album every 3 or 4 years.
It's more exciting to me.