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4 July 07 - I finished recording

I was lucky to be able to squeeze a day at Eden Studios. We record and mixed 2 songs. OK, it's a mad thing to do by the standard of music industry but well, I'm eternally on a limited budget so thatís the speed I normally work at!

Things went smoothly and we actually finished and went home early!! I could have done more - and have done more in the past, but I was pretty exhausted - . I'd been doing my usual 'pre-recording mad rehearsal' for ages and was really nervous like hell for a few days before that. So although some of the time I was able to relax on a comfy sofa in front of a TV while the engineer was at it, I decided to call it a day when we finished mixing. It took so much energy out of me I'm now zombified. Better recover soon though. To all the staff at Eden, thank you for being nice and helpful!

As for the materials I'm now getting opinions and feedback from various people. I might do some more mixing, I don't know - we'll see.