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Diary - Oct 07

Practicing at home. Sorry neighbours!

......earplugs anyone?

Apart from flying off to an unknown location and discovering Red Velvet Cake in South Ken, I've been practicing with a view to gig early next year. I'm just doing it at home at this stage, but I'll be looking for a bass player who can pick up what I play on records quickly and is not very expensive. I've made 'one-guitar-arrangement' for live performance. In some tracks I play 2 or 3 guitars, so I combined bits of them together and changed sounds and stuff so that it sounds full and smooth with one guitar. There is a few lead guitar bits with weird timing that is different from vocal timing, so I need to get comfortable with it. I've also changed the drum machine set up. It was set up for studio recording so that each sound would go through the mixing desk separately, but it's now gone back to the normal setting. I'll also be recording tracks with drums and bass only in case they couldn't make it to the stage on the day,like being sick or having a traffic accident (it happened before!). I would also like to find time to write more songs.

There was a slight panic on Monday night as we discovered that there would be a postal strike for the week the promo copies were planned to be sent out. So everything was quickly done on Tuesday.

Lots of people viewed my last Myspace blog. It may just be that more people are reading them now that I'm posting fairly regularly. But I guess part of the attraction of Myspace is being real time. I'll try to do something like that again, although It's not always that I'm abroad or have a camera and a computer at the same time!