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Crystallize Press Release

CD single Out Now Distributed by Cargo Records

"She is going to be HUGE. Remember where you read it first."

University of London Union Magazine

"A future star in the making"

Blind Youth

"Absolutely brilliant!"

Baby Talk

Mayumi is a London-based solo artist. Originally from Japan, this ex-Maysilver singer-guitarist writes and plays all the instruments on records. Live, she gigs as a 3-piece, together with a bassist and a drummer.

Following her debut single 'Platinum', which received some fanatical responses, she is now back with a mighty second single.
Slight change of direction here, it's storming, even dancable, post-curve if you like, but surprisingly romantic at the same time - it clearly marks the end of the current clean-pop era with a prmoise for something new and fantastic!

'One thing which is really important for me is to keep it fresh. I don't want my music to sound as if it has been polished and manufactured in a nicest possible way. I like to leave it a little 'raw', sort of care-free if you like, but at the same time totally focused and strong'

- from the forthcoming interview with Losing Today

* UK tour will follow prior to the release of her album in autumn*