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CobaltBlueLight Press Release

New single out 05/11/07

Mayumi is a London-based musician who was born in Japan. Originally trained as a classical pianist, she sings and plays all the instruments for her songs. In past her music has been compared to Cure, Bjork, Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. Her latest release was '06 Myriad Luminescent' EP – it was released after a long break but the initial copies sold out.

Recorded at Eden Studios, London, in just a few hours using the old-school analogue method, the new single 'CobaltBlueLight’ is her attempt to create a ‘new feeling’. Dreamlike and catchy at the same time, the simple beauty of the song will probably stick in your head for at least 2 months. Other tracks are no B-sides in fact -. 'Only A Dream' is a romantic rock psychedelia driven by a dance beat. 'Sebastian' is an uplifting, straightforward guitar pop, and ‘Sunshine Inside' is an aural firework with a languid feel.

Come have a listen, you might see the world differently after this -.

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