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Myriad Luminescent Press Release

"Bravey meets Cocteau Twins....dreamy, awesome guitar noise pop"
The Big Issue
"Mayumi could soon find herself on the end of a thrust into popularity"
Drowned in Sound

Glittering diamond hard guitars, a gorgeous cherry blossom voice, catchy bass and succinct drum patterns....

Mayumi is a multi-instrumental artist and was a darling of college radios in the late 90's. Almost retired from music but touched by the fact that her CDs were attracting bids on eBay - she is now back with a magical single that will soon take you to the highest stratosphere.

Expansive and haunting with a hint of grunge sometimes, Myriad Luminescent is a collection of extremely tuneful songs which are both dreamy and uplifting.

Ladies and gentleman please fasten your seatbelt - the dream trip has just begun.

"It shimmers endlessly like a flawed gives me goose bumps!" Mayumi on Myriad Luminescent (Platinum)
*Also available at selected shops.

1. Myriad Luminescent (Platinum)
2. Careless (Shields My Eyes)
3. Snowflake Beach (Cosmic version)