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Platinum Press Release

Debut CD Single on Pale Blue Out Now Distributed by Cargo Records

'I want to know if tomorrow will pass like a kaleidoscope/I want to know if it will be like an illusion' -from Platinum

"A breath of fresh air"


"Grunge meets Pre-Raphaelite....highly addictive"

The Big Takeover

Mayumi is a London-based Japanese solo-artist. Originally a singer-guitarist with Maysilver and Everclear, she writes and plays all the instruments on her records. Live, she gigs as a 3-piece, together with a bassist and a drummer.
Her music has been described as 'post-Curve with a darker edge'.

'My songs are basically about how I live and feel everyday, things I think I should leave a mark for. For instance, 'Platinum' was written one summer when I wondered if I still had the right to dream.
Doing the guitars and vocals is an emotional process, whereas doing the drums and bass is more energy-orientated.
I've been compared with some bands I'm yet to have a good listen to, but I'm not really bothered - as long as I'm saying whatever I want to say through my music.
And, as a result, if people see the world differently for five minutes or so - I'm happy.
- Mayumi Oct 1997